Where Everyday is a Treasure Hunt

Find hot deals on tech, appliances, décor, and more for as low as $1 an item.

How It Works

Doors Open

Get ready for the bargain shopping experience of a lifetime! Shoppers are welcome in anytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., but we’ll let you in on a little secret – the best deals are often found by the early risers!

Grab a Bag

We provide our customers with shopping carts and large IKEA bags to conveniently carry their items as they browse through the store. We do not allow outside bags, carts, or large purses in-store.

Let The Treasure hunt begin!

We have dozens of bins full of low-priced, high-value items for you to search through. Our inventory includes items from large U.S. retailers.

Check Out

Once you’ve had a chance to dig through our stock and find some deals, you can check out at our front counter at any time. Our staff is ready to ring you up and send you on your way with your latest haul!

What's In the Bins?

Our products are a combination of over-stock, closeout, display, and returns. Although some of our products has been previously opened, many of the items you’ll find in our bins are unopened and brand-new. We receive product from 9 of the US’ top 10 major retailers – much of which is name-brand product produced by popular manufacturers.  

Our products are valued anywhere from a few dollars to over $2,000. Some of the items that can be found in our bins include:

Daily Deals


$ 6 per item


$ 5 per item


$ 4 per item


$ 2 per item


$ 1 per item

Thursday - Friday: Closed for Restock

About Us

Bin Town Bargains is following a new retail concept that is taking bargain shoppers by storm. This is a shopping experience that gives our customers a weekly treasure hunt where they can rummage for deals, and nothing is over $6.00.

Bin Town Bargains purchases overstock, closeout, overruns, warehouse/box damage, shelf pulls, and recent out-of-date grocery items from 9 of the top 10 US retailers.

Every Thursday and Friday we stock our bins with up to 300,000 new items from every category. Electronics, clothing, grocery items, home goods, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, toys, pet supplies, and more. If you can find it online, you may find it at Bin Town Bargains! 

Frequently Asked Questions

All sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. Because our products are sold as-is, we encourage our customers to fully inspect all items before purchasing them to ensure that all the parts and pieces are accounted for.

All items are sold as-is. We do not guarantee any warranty from the manufacturer. All warranty claims made to the manufacturer are at the manufacturer’s discretion.

No, please do not open any packaging. To ensure that all the parts and pieces are accounted for please ask a staff member to assist you if a box or package needs to be opened.

Typically in this type of retail store it is wise to come a little early. With Saturday being our first day open after our restocking days, the more desirable and hire-priced items do not last long. Usually weekdays there are no lines.

We do have shopping carts. We also supply you with a reusable Ikea 19-gallon shopping bag for your use while you are shopping.

We do not allow you to bring your own shopping bag, cart, large purse, backpack, or large coat, unless in accordance with the ADA.

We currently do not limit how many items you can purchase or how many bags you can fill. However, Bin Town Bargains does have the right to change this policy at our option to create a better customer experience.

Calling all Bargain Shoppers!

Conveniently located on 4200 S and Redwood Road.

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